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The hardest part about doing a will is getting around to it. But administering an estate where there is no will is an expensive exercise that's more difficult and costly than it needs to be. 

Simple Husband & Wife Will

For a married couple, partnership or civil union situation, we suggest a simple will that provides for the surviving spouse/partner to be appointed as the sole trustee, and for that person to be given the whole of the balance of the estate. On the death of the remaining person, the estate is to be held by trustees for the children of the deceased in equal shares until they reach a stipulated age. Other issues include appointing guardians for minor children, and specific bequests.

A will like this requires the names, addresses and occupations of you, your spouse/partner and the people you want to be your trustees in the event of the second death.  

Life Interest Wills

In this case, the assets are given to trustees to hold for the life of the other party, and on their death, or remarriage (etc), assets go to the children of the deceased in equal shares.

We will use our skills and experience to assess your situation and select the right will product for you and
your family.

Be very careful of the online wills and will kits that are available.  One size does not fit all.  Some trustee companies offer free wills.  There is nothing wrong with them but be very careful that you completely understand the costs of administering the estates where the trustee company is the executor of the estate.