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Leaky Buildings

Leaky Buildings

The leaky-building debacle has had a huge impact on the lives of some of our clients. We have acted for all sides of this equation over the last 10 years and can see the problems from all angles.

The homeowner is in the most unfortunate position in this battle. Our task is to minimise the financial cost by ensuring that the most cost-effective settlement possible is achieved. This means the maximum amount of money can be used to actually rectifying the problem instead of talking about it. We work in conjunction with a group of experienced professional consultants in the preparation of the required reports.  We approach the problem with a realistic attitude, as we know the pitfalls in the claims. We don’t believe in sugar-coating things, as you’ll only be let down later when the reality of the situation kicks in.

For builders and contractors our task is to minimise their financial burden.  We can quickly come to grips with the issues, establish legal liabilities, then work on getting a cost-effective exit from the problem.  

We do not act for councils as they have their own specialised group of insurance lawyers who act for them. However, recently, we have also acted for waterproofers, roofers, builders and architects.  

There are no winners in this sorry saga – not even the lawyers.